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Vacuum Belt Drying

  • Vacuum Belt Drying

    • Overview
    Under vacuum condition, the liquid material is coated on the conveyor belt continuously, and the material follow with the conveyor belt through the heating area for dryness, then then cooled and brittle as a low temperature drying method. In the drying process, the extract in a vacuum sealed environment (Working temperature 35-145℃), so that can maximize the retention of the nature of the material and get high quality final product. Especially for heat sensitive, high viscosity, easy to agglomerate and thermoplastic material, the use of vacuum belt drying can overcome the spray drying powder thin and dense, so that not easy to absorb moisture.
    Rectification ability
    Drying process flexible and stable
    Closed and sanitary
    Can preserve the active substances in the product
    Low energy consumption, saving cost
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