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MVR Evaporator

  • MVR Evaporator

    • Overview
    MVR evaporator is the use of high energy efficiency steam compressor to produce the material of the double steam for compression, the electric energy conversion into heat, so that improve the enthalpy of the second steam. The second steam pressure of the heat energy is enhanced to heat the evaporation chamber, in order to achieve the thermal energy of the second steam, so as not to need the external fresh steam, depend on the evaporator to achieve the purpose of evaporation and concentration. PLC, SCM, configuration and other forms to control the system temperature, compressor motor speed, so that the system to maintain the evaporation balances when the concentration is reached, the material. The product is mainly used in the traditional Chinese medicine solution, juice, milk, sewage and other related fields.
    Unit energy consumption is low, the operation cost is low.
    Small area
    Public works supporting less, the total investment is less
    Running smoothly, high degree of automation
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