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iBio Fully automatic tangential flow filtration system

  • iBio Fully automatic tangential flow filtration system

    • Overview
    System introduction
    The system is designed according to the requirements of cGMP and FDA. The structure is compact, the performance is stable, the operation is convenient, intuitive and general. It is an ideal device for the purification and enrichment of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, vaccines, gene therapy drugs, blood products and other biological macromolecules.
    System characteristics
    In accordance with cGMP, GMP requirements, according to BPE ASME standard manufacturing
    System can be achieved through the preparation method of the full automatic enrichment, and other functions of the volume of washing
    The use of intelligent Quattroflow bio pump, very low pulse and shear force, processing soft
    Universal system, can be installed 1-5 flat tangential flow membrane package, can achieve 0.1 and 0.5 square meters of membrane switch
    The main body of the system adopts 316L stainless steel, the whole health interface, the diaphragm valve and the sanitary type pipe type pressure sensor.
    Scientific design, compact structure, low residual volume, self mixing function, effectively prevent the concentration difference
    Using electromagnetic flowmeter, accurate recording of the volume of the return fluid and filter out the liquid
    Equipped with an online electrical conductivity detector, real-time monitoring of the filter out of the liquid conductance
    Easy to operate and intuitive, using the touch screen, the Chinese and English optional interface menu
    Intelligent operation system, the interface is simple, can be a variety of control parameters, automatic data storage and mapping
    According to the different requirements of customers for personalized configuration, a number of optional configuration to ensure a strong function
    Advanced design concept and technology can guarantee the stability and repeatability of results.
    System to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production, can be CIP and SIP, can guarantee the sterile work
    Provide full verification file
    Main application
    Monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins: concentration, washing, and separation of size molecules
    Vaccine: clarification of cell culture solution, concentration of virus solution, removal of heat source, etc.
    Antibiotics: fermentation liquid clarification, in addition to heat source, the removal of macromolecules
    Blood products: albumin, globulin, concentration, removal of metal ions, etc.
    Genetically engineered products: cell collection, enrichment, change, etc.
    System matching function
    Online pre filter
    Online pH detector
    Online UV detector
    Remote monitoring and control operating system
    Software description
    Software according to GAMP5 and FDA 21 part CFR 11 requirements design, according to the process, can be compiled to run parameters, including material liquid volume, flow rate, inlet pressure and other parameters in the process of the process parameters are recorded, and real-time rendering of the reference.
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