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iBio Elite Fully automatic tomography system

  • iBio Elite Fully automatic tomography system

    • Overview
    IBioRElite full automatic tomography system based on cGMP and FDA related requirements design and manufacture, with good operability, high performance, high quality, suitable for the production of the pilot and commercial production, can ensure the stability and repeatability of the chromatography process.
    Four levels diaphragm pump technology; effectively eliminate the fluid pulse, so that the flow rate is more stable, low shear force.
    High precision flow control.
    Capable of remote monitoring and management.
    Provide full set of DQ/IQ/OQ verification file.
    Achieve high precision flow control.
    - High accuracy, reproducibility, and superior gradient characteristics
    Through the combination of the pump and the flow meter feedback system, the flow accuracy and the gradient precision error are within 2%.
    Master control operation interface:
    Be able to display the operating conditions and monitoring information of various sensors in the process of system operation.
    When an exception occurs, the main control operation interface will be issued a red alert notification.
    In the automatic operation, by clicking on the bubble trap lock button and collecting the lock button, you can switch to the bubble trap manual and manual collection mode.
    Method edit interface:
    Can be in the method of editing interface to set a variety of process methods (entrance, flow, auxiliary flow path, the column of the direction of the flow, the export side, etc.) and all kinds of sensor conditions (the timing / quantity, pH, UV, conductivity, etc.).
    Data analysis interface:
    Automatic or manual identification and characterization of chromatographic peaks.
    Can generate data reports, support for online preview, page setup, online print function.
    Can automatically calculate the number of theoretical plate, the symmetry factor, and can be compared to different batches of peak shape.
    High security:
    The system has the security function.
    From the landing to the exit, there is a log record of all the operation and operation processes.
    You can set the required operating authority, to prevent the illegal operation and other security issues.
    When all kinds of sensors detect the abnormal, the alarm conditions of the suspension and the suspension operation can be set up.
    Complete compliance with regulatory requirements.
    System verification using V GAMP5 model.
    Provide IQ / DQ / OQ for the user, including FAT and SAT.
    Results of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises in the pilot and industrial production.
    Existing production levels of customers through the 2010 version of GMP certification.
    Fast after-sales service and a wealth of options products
    When the customer's equipment failure, the response within 4 hours, 24 hours to arrange the engineer to visit.
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