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Clean Room Floor Drain

  • Clean Room Floor Drain

    • Overview
    Stainless steel cleanroom floor drain, also called sanitation floor drain, is made of stainless steel, and is designed based on structure feature of imported cleanroom floor drain and domestic actual condition. It can successfully handle technical issues, such as dredging, cleaning, water seal, air seal, spray cooling when water and vapor flow are mixed, so the cleanroom floor drains are dedicated to be used in all kinds of purification plants and clean rooms. It is widely applied in chemical, petroleum, electricity, pharmaceutical, beer, food, dairy drink industry and laboratory as the indispensable and dedicated cleanroom part. The common types include: DN50, 75, 100, and mobile type, portable and special type for cleanout floor drain can be custom-made.

           The feature of stainless steel cleanroom floor drain:
    1. The whole cleanroom floor drain is made by stainless steel 304 (316, 316L) with smooth and clean surface.
    2.  The secret door handle is adopted to ensure the harmonize and flat with the whole floor surface.
    3. Double seal is adopted to ensure the airtightness (air seal and water seal are combined)
    4. Comparing with common floor drain and cleanout, cleanroom floor drain can prevent the corrosion due to soaking in water for long time and prolong serving life effectively.
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