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BioLumix Rapid Microbial Detection System

  • BioLumix Rapid Microbial Detection System

    • Overview
    The rapid real-time fluorescence optical microbial detection system is newly launched which can synchronously detect the change of color and fluorescence with same one detector by combining the staining technique, new light source and optical sensor. The spectrum mode of reagent will change accordingly When the metabolic process happens, and the optical sensor can detect the change timely.
    BioLumix system advantages:
    1. Compared with the conventional detection system, BioLumix  adopts a new and more advanced technology. :
    2. Biolumix has two kinds of LED lights: yellow and blue, and UV-fluorescent. The three-color light source covers the whole spectrum.
    3. The bottom of the BioLumix test tube is equipped with a new CO2 sensor, it can detect the microorganisms of fermented and nonfermented lactose. Thus, the bacteria in the nonfermented sugars can be detected, such as Pseudomonas, micrococcus and some types of bacilli.
    4. BioLumix is designed as increasable, so three instruments can be stacked at the same location in order to save space, a software can simultaneously monitor 32 machines and 1024 testing.
    5. Simple, rapid, and reliable
    Application fields of BioLumix detecting system
    BioLumix detecting system can be used in food, feed, health products, dairy products, meat products, beverages cosmetics, cleaning products, pharmaceutical industrial area and supervision departments. It can rapidly detect the presence of total number of bacteria, coliform, yeast and mold, E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas and other pathogens in the sample.

    Detecting-time list of BioLumix detection system

    Test item Prescribed standards Detection time of traditional method  
    Detection time of Biolumix system to a negative resulty
    Positive alarm time of Biolumix system
    Total Aerobic Count <10,000 48 hours 14 hours 5 to 8 hours
    Total Aerobic Count <1000 48 hours 12hours 6-9hours
    Coliform <100 24 hours 12 hours 6 to 9 hours
    Bacillus cereus <10 24 hours 20 hours 6 to 10 hours
    E. coli Absent in 25g sample. 72 hours 18-36 hours 36 hours
    Yeast & Mold <100 5 days 48 hours 10 to 36 hours
    Salmonella  Absent in 25g sample. 4 days 38-40 hours(Including pre-enrichment time) 2to 10hours
    S. aureus Absent in 25g sample. 3 days 24 hours 12 to 20 hours
    Pseudomonas Absent in 25g sample. 2-4 days 30 hours(Including 12 hours pre-enrichment time) 20 to 30 hours

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