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Automation Control System

  • Automation Control System

    • Overview
    The automation system to control the HVAC system, with the following functions: 
    1、To set and modify the preset parameters on the operation interface, and monitor and record its operation status and any failures and alarms at real time.
    2、To display each parameter (such as the valve opening degree, the damper opening degree, the temperature, the humidity, the frequency of fans, the differential pressure across a filter, the air volume, etc.) in real time graphics on the operation interface.
    3、With the functions of data recording, inquiring, alarming, trend graph printing and drawing, which can facilitate the management of the enterprise 
    4、To adjust the operating parameters of the chillers and the cooling towers automatically according to the total cold medium load of the system, to achieve the goal of optimizing the energy consumption 
    5、To realize such functions as the control of the sequential start and stop of equipment, the accumulation of the operation hours and the even distribution of the operating time of each equipment, and  prolong its service life 
    6、To protect the chillers and the pumps from water shortage and allow an automatic switchover in case of a equipment failure 
    7、To monitor the air supply volume and the return (exhaust) air volume and reach a target of controlling the differential pressure in the clean areas, and ensuring that the requirements of the production environment and the process are met 
    8、When the system is running under a maintain pressure condition, the frequency conversion control of fans is available to reach the target of energy saving.
    9、To interlock the relevant equipment and ensure safety and cleanliness.
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