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Powder and Solid System

Containment isolation system is quickly developing with the new market demand. AUSTAR providing high quality powder engineering system solution for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and other industries. It can provide complete enterprise-level solutions for the whole development and production by integrating the capacity and experience in the aspect of the aseptic pharmaceutical process engineering, containment isolation system of high activity and toxicity materials, radioactive nuclear fuel powder engineering and bulk material containment batching engineering, and starting from customer benefits. We integrated the sophisticated powder handling technology, abundant engineering experience, and technical support from all over the world into our solutions. We have engineers skilled at equipment design and manufacturing process, ensuring the project specification is implemented as planned in strict accordance with the project management mode, meanwhile providing the customers with comprehensive traceability validation documentations. As a "one-stop" powder engineering service provider, we provides the users with powder engineering service as well as technical support, and helps the enterprises in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries to shorten product time-to-market, enhance enterprise’s efficiency, and continuously consolidate the quality and safety of products.
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