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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

    • Overview
    Manufacturing Execution System is a digital factory and transparent production solution based on ISPE GAMP5 guideline. All different kinds of complex and invisible information during manufacturing-from planning to execution, from raw material to product, from employee to machine, from factory to warehouse-will be integrated to MES orderly and each production process will be shown to the management transparently. MES will be the production control center, manufacture cooperation platform and performance evaluation tool. Not a system tool obtained by the enterprises, but also a customized production management solution with advanced pharmaceutical production management concept by the execution of MES.
    1. Accurate weighing solution
    It can realize accurate materials weighing automatically. Materials preparation process is managed by bar code to guarantee the materials quality and improve production efficiency.
    2. Production monitoring solution
    It can realize lean production and real time production process monitoring. Deviation can be discovered and solved in time to guarantee the products quality.
    3. Lean production scheduling solution
    Work order is categorized automatically and capacity is balanced automatically to reduce unnecessary non-value added process loss and improve production efficiency.
    4. Production traceability solution
    It takes the  batch management or batch record management as principal line to establish overall tracibility of medicine spectrum, process and quality.
    5. Performance evaluation solution
    It can collect bottom equipment data to analyze key equipment asset utilization ratio and record labor hour in real time to realize comprehensive evaluation of standard and real labor hour. 
    6. Quality management solution
    It can control product quality, trace quality defect and reprocessing effectively, trace quality data,  provide online and offline quality data analysis, and improve assembly quality to avoid wrong or neglected assembely. 
    7. Logistics management solution
    It includes basic inventory and storage location management and various advanced logistics management model such as JIT management, Kanban management, etc. to reduce inventory and improve production coordination level.
    8. System integration solution
    It includes integrated automation system, recipe system, test system, ERP system and other information system.
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