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Weighing & Dispensing Control System


Weighing & Dispensing Control System

  • Overview
AUSTAR weighing & dispensing control system can be widely applied to material weighing and dispensing process of preparation, API, TCM and biopharmaceutical. The system uses barcode to identify material to prevent cost waste because of mis-dispensing and non-dispensing, auto selects appropriate scale to reduce error and ensure accuracy, and auto records weighing data to form required data to reduce human mistake. You can fully control the manufacture process, real timely know finished, under processing or waiting for processing order situation. 
Based on different brand scales such as Mettler, Sartorius and Hardy, AUSTAR weighing & dispensing control system can design customized solution according to users’ requirement. Its function is flexible and practical. The interface is easy to extend and can be connected to MES. The system complies with GMP, FDA and EMA guideline.
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