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Pharmaceutical Formulation Technology

AUSTAR is committed to the research, development and production of power engineering systems, which cover all the processes thereof such as drying, milling, sieving, blending, granulation, transfer, filling, unloading, and automatic weighing and dispensing. It is also dedicated to the research and testing of dust containment processes and powder characterization. The process plays a dominant role for power engineering and corresponding solutions need to be provided to different process designs. For example, sterility maintenance shall be considered for a sterile powder process, automation and dust-control measures shall be considered for large batch powder handing projects, and anti-static measures shall be considered for an explosion-proof process. Both the power handling process and the specific process requirements need to be considered for power engineering projects. A high-quality powder handling system has to comply not only with GMP requirements, but also with the ATEX requirements. AUSTAR is able to provide disposable sterile transfer products and scale down the risks of powder pollution and the costs of validation. It integrates disposable products and stainless steel power systems with tablet press, packaging machines and other pharmaceutical equipment and provides customers with complete solutions from solid material milling to tablet packaging.
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