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  • Simplefilter

    • Overview
    Product Description
    The Simplefilter series of machines integrates contained pressurization, vacuum filtration, and washing and drying Commonly they are known as the "three-in-one machines". They are suitable for processing various kinds of materials, especially slurry materials, which are difficult to filtrate, flammable, explosive, toxic, volatile materials, and materials that are vulnerable to contamination. It combines the operations of filtration, washing and drying in one machine, which has characteristic advantagess such as a simplified process, an increased productivity, easy preventiion of material contamination, a jacket (for heating or cooling), a heating base,  easy un-loading operations,  and easily realized mechatronics. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the required clean areas used in the entire production process so as to enormously reduce the customer’s facility investment. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, farm chemical, biochemical, dyestuff, food, beverage, fine chemical engineering, refined agricultural chemical, polymer and resin industries. It is especially applicable to the sites that require higher cleanliness and those to be used for multi-production. It has a broad application prospects in the separation of toxic, harmful, pollution and other materials.

    Typical applications
    The filtration, washing and drying machine equipped with a plastic glove box filled with nitrogen can meet the production requirements of highly toxic and sterile products with high added values, where the production is small in scale and requires the segregation of air.

    Standard Simplefilter specifications
      0.125m 0.3m
    Filtration Area  0.125m 0.3m
    Volume  50 Litres 130 Litres
    Design Temperature, Vessel & Jacket (Min)  -25℃(-13 -25℃(-13
    Design Temperature, Vessel & Jacket (Max) 150℃(300 150℃(300
    Design Pressure, Vessel (Min) FV  FV
    Design Pressure, Vessel (Max) 4 barg (60 psig)  4 barg (60 psig)
    Design Pressure, Jacket (Min) FV  FV
    Design Pressure, Jacket (Max) 6 barg (90 psig)  6 barg (90 psig)
    Product Dimensions (mm) 1495 (H) x 1220 (W) x 1455 (D) 1510 (H) x 1170 (W) x 1490 (D)
    Product Contact Materials PF A Coated Carbon Steel/
    316L Stainless Steel/Alloy 22,
    Polypropylene, PTFE, 
    FEP Encapsulated Silicone,
    PF A Coated Carbon Steel/
    316L Stainless Steel/Alloy 22,
    Polypropylene, PTFE, 
    FEP Encapsulated Silicone,
    Filtration Media  Polypropylene Cloth 20µm
    Nominal Pore Size
    Polypropylene Cloth 20µm
    Nominal Pore Size

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