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Dry compactor and granulator machine

  • Dry compactor and granulator machine

    • Overview
    We are the agent of  Alexanderwerk group, who has since developed into an internationally renowned and sought-after engineering business concentrating on the development and manufacture of special machines and equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries, as well as food machines.The daughter companies Alexanderwerk GmbH, is located in Remscheid. It deals with the engineering, assembly and sale of machines and plants for compaction, granulation and size reduction.
    Pharmaceutical and chemical remedies and preparations are administered in the form of solid dosage- In many cases the powder mixtures cannot be processed directly because of the poor handling properties of the powder. Segregation, partly filled press dies and inconsistent final product may result. To economically and gently process such powders into the final product, the powder should be transformed into granular material. This influences the materials physical properties such as particle size, distribution, hardness, bulk density and surface area. Unlike the powders from which they are formed, granular materials are characterized by significantly improved flowability and an increased density.
    Moist granulation is a continuous process. Moist, formable and pasty materials are processed to granulates. Owing to their defined particle size, granules can be better processed than virgin powders. In a moist granulating process, two cylinders counter-rotate, viz. the pressure cylinder and the granulating cylinder. The granulating cylinder has bores and acts as a shaping impression die. The pressure cylinder forces the material into the granulating cylinder through the bores, whereby the material is compacted. 
    Inside the granulating cylinder, the compacted material is cut off by a scraper. In many cases, a drying process must be provided downstream of the granulation process to extract moisture from the granules, and to obtain dimensionally stable granules.
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