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VHP Pass Through

  • VHP Pass Through

    • Overview
    The VHP 150DC Biodecontamination System is seamlessly engineered into a gas-tight, stainless steel chamber – ready for flawless integration with your specified end use.
    Providing a turnkey solution to your decontamination challenges, this revolutionary “plug and play” VHP 150DC unit delivers thorough, provable decontamination at rapid cycles (average of 45-90 minutes). Accompanying documentation and the fact that STERIS
    developed VHP for FDA-regulated applications ensures streamlined validation and prompt compliance with regulatory entities.
    Precision BIODecontamination
    The integration of the STERIS VHP delivery system into a pneumatically sealed chamber gives you unprecedented opportunities for user control, process optimization, and
    • As opposed to liquid-based decontamination, operators can precision-control VHP levels by monitoring and manipulating vapor flow patterns within the sealed chamber
    • Ultra-sensitive, in-chamber sensors automate and perfect documentation and process
    • Molecular gas diffusion ensures every in-chamber area and object is decontaminated
    Expedited, Efficient Cycles
    • The VHP 150DC System achieves astoundingly short D-Values: A 6-log reduction in microbial population, validated with biological indicators, is possible in a 45 minute cycle
    • A start-button activates the fully automated decontamination process, saving time and labor
    • In contrast to liquid processes, the VHP process is a non-condensing, dry system. Because there’s no residue to clean up, sequential cycles can be activated instantaneously
    • As opposed to chlorine dioxide and formaldehyde applications, the VHP process requires 10x less product (400-700 PPM) to achieve optimal decontamination levels.
    Increased Decontamination Power, Reduced Safety Risks
    STERIS first developed VHP technology to be gentler on personnel, materials, and the environment -without sacrificing decontaminating power. Today, VHP is preferred over formaldehyde and chlorine dioxide decontamination methods as it’s a “greener” solution.
    • VHP is an EPA-registered sterilant with non-toxic byproducts of water vapor and oxygen
    • Non-condensing VHP quickly kills a wide range of microorganism without altering or corroding materials; VHP is compatible with metals, plastics, elastomers, and more
    • Innovative chamber design ensures 100% selfcontained decontamination: no personnel contact with VHP, it’s introduced via Vaprox 1 L cartridges (bulk supply is standard).
    Ultimate Reliability Engineered Into Each Chamber
    Teaming with a leading cleanroom engineer and manufacturer, SBB; STERIS developed the ideal decontamination chamber, addressing all facets of a fully functioning unit:
    • No special nozzles or additional ductwork is needed; VHP is distributed through injection ports and controlled by integrated HVAC, catalyst, or converter
    • Equipment (generator, humidifier) resides outside the chamber for simplified
    maintenance, reduced cross contamination, and increased space for decontamination
    • Reliable construction is the STERIS/SBB difference: Chambers sealed with polished,
    super-tight welds, door/s seal with magnetic interlocking (even in power loss
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