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Containment Application And Occupational Safety

Occupational health and safety issues are closely linked with the production process. In light of the requirements from the production steps of pharmaceutical enterprises, AUSTAR offers the safest containment systems and protective products to bring the highest assurance of safety in the pharmaceutical industry. Dust pollution is the biggest factor that compromises people’s health in a powder project. AUSTAR manufactures GMP-compliant containment systems by introducing advanced European and American technologies and integrating them with our self-developed technologies.  These systems are effective in dust removal, vacuum powder transfer, dust spillover prevention, and workload reduction. When the vacuum powder transfer is inapplicable, the split butterfly valve technology will be selected to contain dusts, which can ensure the compliance with the requirements of OEB5. For highly toxic, highly potent, or highly allergic products, we can offer all kinds of protective consumables including isolators, protective respirators, masks, and protective garments so as to protect the operators in an all-around way.
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