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Cage and Bottle Washer

  • Cage and Bottle Washer

    • Overview
    Cage and Bottle Washer was especially designed for efficient cleaning of animal cages, bottles, debris pans and other items used in the care of laboratory animals. The 3700 combines reliability, flexibility and productivity to deliver consistent cleaning results for intense comparative medicine environments. When combined with STERIS’s integrated system of products, chemistries and services, the machine helps minimize contamination risks, reduce energy consumption and improve operational efficiencies. Cage and Bottle washer can clean up to 48 rodent cages per cycle. Cages are positioned in especially designed racks to achieve complete coverage and provide efficient cleaning. Bottle baskets or larger cages can also be directly positioned on the general purpose platform. The cleaning solution is circulated through an oscillating spray system that completely surrounds the items being washed. A self-cleaning screen filters all solutions and automatically flushes debris to the drain.
    CAGE & BOTTLE WASHERS Characteristic:
    Throughput - Central spray header system increases productivity by 50%.
    Ease of Use - Standard non-proprietary programmable logic controller (PLC) provides easy cycle configuration and facilitates maintenance.
    Easy to Install - Optional automatic pH neutralization and effluent cooling system ensure compliance with local piping codes.
    Compact Design - Vertical sliding door saves valuable floor space in front of the unit.
    Cost Savings - Optional non-vented system eliminates the need to connect the washer to the building exhaust, reducing installation costs.
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