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Rubber Stopper Washer

  • Rubber Stopper Washer

    • Overview
    These machines are designed for fully treatment of sealing devices for pharmaceutical products, like rubber and plastic stoppers, droppers, meatal ringes and dimilar components
    Treated products is packed into individual baskets by physical separation. By method of washing, rinsing, overfail, fluidized bed and CIP, to get a better final treated efficiency
    ·Washing and rinsing      ·  Spreading       ·  Overfall             ·  Drain
    ·Fluidized bed clean         ·  CIP                   ·  Siliconizing      ·  Sterilizing         ·  Dry and cooling
    Main characteristics: 
    ·Individual baskets construction cleans different types stoppers at one time, gives a good disfection effect, not stick, through clean, decrease stoppers' friction, avoid generate new particles
    ·Automatic CIP clean up residual partical and silicone inner chamber, avoid cross-contamination.
    ·Washing process can supply maximun processing flexibility and safety.
    ·Spread washing can clean up particles on stopper surface and nner wall.
    ·Rotating rinsing makes stoppers out abluent, easy to spread washing.
    ·Overfall is used to removes the particles in washing liquid.
    ·Fluidized bed clean improves washing effect, can clean up imcro particles in stopper hollow.
    ·Through siliconizing by recycling pump, fluidized bed spreading from the bottom of the chamber, hot air drying with the characteristic
      of short time and residual moisture management and product safety.
    ·Could be flexible and various program, different washing arrangement and set different washing time.
    ·Could be automatic split unloading under the condition of no polluting stoppers, easy to production management.
    ·There is only a little unloading door, no extra component, saves space.
    ·The inner surface of the chamber, pipe, baskets and all components of contacting product are polished Ra≤0.5μm, ensure product safety.
    ·Perfact drain construction ensure completely drain off the water in ther chamber.   
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