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Liquid Particle Counter

  • Liquid Particle Counter

    • Overview

    Product description:
    Ultrapure liquid detection, dual membrane sensor configuration, the revolutionary design of the sampling needle of 0.091ml, stepper motor driven sampling, efficient, flexible, time-saving, rapid detection of liquid particle sizes of 0.5-600μm, meeting the pharmacopoeia requirements of various nations and the requests from customized reports.
    Typical applications
    Purified water / Water for injection / DI water particle counting and detection
    Particle detection for injectables (small volume parenteral) and vascular injections ( large volume parenteral)
    Detection of liquid particles carried out to meet pharmacopoeia requirements
    Detection of cleanliness of a production area
    Detection of cleanliness of implants before implantation
    Detection of cleanliness of cardiac pacemakers, stents, and artificial blood vessels
    Detection of cleanliness of recycled devices
    Performances and technical parameters:
    9703 + Sampler

    Temperature range 5~40℃ (40~104℉), relative humidity 0 to 80%, non-condensing
    Temperature range of sample 5~40℃ (40~104℉)
    Viscosity limits <20cp
    Power requirements 100/230VAC,50/60Hz
    The maximum power 67W at 115/230VAC
    Dimensions 343W×337D×482H mm (13.5×13.3×19.0 inches)
    Weight 10.7Kg (23.6lbs)
    Sampling bottle gap 153mm (6.02 inches)
    Volume accuracy >95%
    Flow rate accuracy >95%
    Sample flow rate 10~100ml/min; actual flow system is determined by the flow rate sensor
    Pre-pumping volume of the probe For 81L × 1.2IDmm probe, 0.091ml (3.2 × 0.047 inches)
    For 154L × 1.2IDmm probe, 0.172ml (6.1 × 0.047 inches)
    For 140L × 6.35IDmm probe, 1.2ml (5.5 × 0.25 inches) - Large Hole
    Pharm Spec 3 software
    Processor Pentium®1.0 GHz
    Operating system Windows XP, with Service Pack 3 or higher version
    Windows Vista®,with Service Pack 2 or higher version
    Windows 7 platform
    Memory 512MB or RAM
    Hard drives Upto 2GB
    CD-ROM CD drive, DVD drive, USB port or network connection for installing software
    Display High quality VGA video adapter and monitor, resolution  ratio 1024 × 768 or higher
    Power Continuous power supply (UPS)
    Removable optical drive Removable optical drive can back up data, such as recordable CD or network server, you can back up data on your computer's hard drive
    Printer Color printer, you can print 300dpi resolution
    COM port USB interface can be connected to the sensor particle counting technology
    Software Internet Explorer6.0 and Microsoft® Excel®, Word® or Adobe®Acrobat®
    Standard sensor Range
    HRLD-150 1.3~150μm
    HRLD-150JA 1.3~150μm (Chemical Compatibility)
    HRLD-400 2~400μm
    HRLD-600JS 2~600μm (Chemical Compatibility)
    MC05 0.5~350μm


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