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Training Sevrice

  • Training Sevrice

    • Overview
    Austar has developed various kinds of training solutions, which include site training, remote training and e-learning system (e-learning platform with specialized courses).
    Austar has a strong lecturer group composed of well known specialists like Yiling Ma, Jifeng Liu, Hefeng Xu, etc. among the pharmaceutical industry in China and such highly experienced foreign GMP consultants as Anwarul Haque, Jonathan Woodburn, George Yang, etc. They are masters of pharmaceutical concepts home and abroad and have extensive theoretical and practical experience.
    Austar e-learning platform (www.austartraining.com.cn) is an internet-based customized learning platform for pharmaceutical enterprises. It can provide training services on a 4A basis (Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere and Anything) for our customers. It integrates the function of course release management, course learning management, learning outcome evaluation and subject interactive discussion as a whole, and can ensure the good effect of face to face teaching and one-to-one training through different kinds of media tools such as graphic video and resources downloading, etc. It provides a new training mode for enterprises and has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency and strong controllability. Austar e-learning platform contains more than 100 courses in Chinese and/or English on such subjects as regulations and guidelines, validation, pharmaceutical quality system, lab, process, registration, etc. And the courses are continuously updated. Austar also provides customized training services for pharmaceutical enterprises. We can not only build a customized e-learning platform but also provide relevant training services specific to the senior management personnel, middle management personnel and basic operators, of our customers. Furthermore, we can assist our customers to establish, perfect and maintain their own enterprise level training systems.
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