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iCELLis Single-use Bioreactor

  • iCELLis Single-use Bioreactor

    • Overview
    The Integrity™ iCELLis™ system, the world’s first fully-integrated, high-cell density bioreactor, is designed to simplify your process by combining the advantages of single-use technologies with the benefits of a fixed-bed system. The compact system—designed for quick implementation and ease-of-use—represents a new generation of single-use bioreactors.
    Central to the iCELLis bioreactor technology is the use of a compact fixed-bed, filled with custom macrocarriers. This matrix is made of medical grade polyester microfibers and provides – in only 25L volume – up to 500m2 available area for cell growth. This is the surface-equivalent of 3,000 Roller Bottles (at 1700cm2 each). The iCELLis bioreactor is provided with pre-packed macrocarriers. Compared to a standard stirred-tank bioreactor using microcarriers, iCELLis technology leads to a dramatic simplification of the cell culture process. It alleviates delicate and time-consuming manual operations, sterilization and hydration of microcarriers, and bead-to-bead transfers from pre-culture to final process.
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