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POU Piping

  • POU Piping

    • Overview
    Austar provides pipeline installation engineering of the clean utility medium,such as purified water, water for injection, pure steam, compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen and liquefied gas etc. The pharmacopoeia complied purified water and water for injection are transfered to the point of use by distribution piping, where pharmaceutical water starts from the distribution unit in water production room and passes all the points of use and goes back to water production room. The pipe slope and the welding quality are guaranteed during the installation to ensure there is no dead angle and the whole network can be drainable. Point of use is installed by T type zero dead angle valve, block valve or U type bending and other forms. According to the properties of POU, cold point of use for WFI  can choose different ways, such as subloop, tube in tube or cooling after POU. The sterilization of the whole network can be achieved by pasteurization, ozone disinfection, pure steam sterilization or superheated water sterilization.
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