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Austar provides one-stop BMS&EMS automated control systems which comply with GMP, FDA and EMA requirements, including HVAC system, EMS system, circulating water system, industrial steam, vacuum system and light current integration system. It is to reduce energy consumption, guarantee clean room environment, reduce equipment breakdown and lower maintenance and operational cost by applying advanced and perfect control protocol.
HVAC System
The core of utility control system is HVAC system which makes large proportion of investment and consumes more than 50% of clean room’s total energy. Therefore, it is especially significant to save energy for HVAC system.
Control Points of HVAC System:
  • Energy saving control
  • High control accuracy (Trend calculation)
  • Safety interlocking (anti-freezing protection, high humidity of supply air protection)
  • Mode control (Disinfection mode, winter and summer mode, duty mode, manual/ automatic mode)
  • Easier communication with other equipment (SIEMENS Products)
  • Validation documents comply with related laws and regulations
Environment Monitoring System (EMS) Control Points:
  • Differential pressure
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Particulate
  • Airborne microbe
Circulating water system:
  • Consider the empty times of purified water and water for injection storage tank when designing.
  • Online monitoring of temperature, pressure and flow
  • Ensure the turbulent flow in return loop (flow rate is more than 1m/s) with positive pressure
  • Frequency converting control of the pump to improve energy efficiency
  • 80 °C periodic sterilization guarantees the whole system is thoroughly drained.
Light Current System Integration:

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