Traditional Chinese Medicine Process Control System Back
Austar provides one-stop traditional Chinese medicine process control system which complies with GMP, FDA and EMA requirements, covering extraction, concentration, ethanol precipitation, water precipitation, acidification, alkalinization, etc. It is to guarantee product quality, improve manufacturing efficiency, lower production cost and ensure production safety by applying accurate and optimal control protocol.
1. Traditional Chinese medicine extraction process control system
Traditional Chinese medicine materials are soaked in purified water or other solvents, then extracted by heating. Main control objectives are bar code feeding control, solvent volume double check control, extraction temperature uniformity control (soaking, heating, maintaining temperature, decoction temperature control), extraction time control, sub-boiling control and liquid outlet pressure control etc. It is to realize the terminal judgement in extraction phase by increasing near-infrared on-line detection interface and control device to detect the content of active ingredient in real time during extraction process.
2. Traditional Chinese medicine concentration process control system
This process includes single effect concentration, dual effect concentration, spherical concentration, etc. It mainly includes material feeding, concentration, discharging and ethanol recovery. The main control objectives are liquid medicine material feeding volume, concentration temperature, vacuum degree, defoamination timely and automated solvent recovery, etc.
3. Other process control system such as ethanol precipitation, water precipitation, acidification, alkalinization, etc.

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