Preparations Process Control System Back
Austar provides one-stop preparations process control system which complies with GMP, FDA and EMA requirements. It is to guarantee product quality, improve manufacturing efficiency, lower production cost and ensure production safety by applying accurate and optimal control protocol.
Solution Preparation Process Control System
The production is controlled by batch order, the main control process is system preparation - powder material automatic weighing - contained transfer  to concentrated solution tank - dissolve materials in concentrated solution tank - transfer from concentrated solution tank to diluted solution tank - diluted solution tank constant volume - diluted solution tank to filling and CIP/SIP of each part; CIP/SIP of system
Batch control
Batch management is a kind of control method in process control field. The main principle is to separate control and production process of equipment, using the same equipment to execute different processes and produce different products and to realize flexible production according to different recipes.

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