Leak Testing Machine Back
We are the agent of Bonfiglioli Engineering from Italy, who is the leader in pharmaceutical industry. All of our products are conformity to GMP, FDA regulation.
●  Vials
●  Ampoules
●  IV bags
●  Blister
●  Pre-syringe
IVacuum Decay Method
100% In-Line and Off-line CCIT:
● Vacuum Decay Method (VDM): “Non-invasive, non-destructive physical method for inspecting Packages in a sealed Testing Chamber”
●  Patent ID 1225063 (13-9-1988)
● Principle of operation according to ASTM F2338
● General purpose:
● Useful for testing any nonporous package type (Vials, Pre-filled Syringes, BFS, FFS, etc)
● Considered as a best practice for leak detection ASTM F2338-09
● “Standard Test Method for Nondestructive Detection of Leaks in Packages by Vacuum Decay Method”
● FDA (CDRH) Recognised Consensus Standard
● Recognition Number 14-282
IIHeadspace Gas Analysis
Maintenance of sterility and stability in filled and finished Packages
Total Pressure and H2O / O2 /… concentration measurement in the headspace
Method: TDLAS
Glass Packages optically transparent to a NIR laser radiation
Freeze-dried products
Oxygen-sensitive liquid products
Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy:
Absorption of energy by the gas molecules at one specific wavelength
If laser beam λ matches the vibrational frequency of the target gas molecule, then energy will be absorbed
Beam intensity is reduced according to the Lambert

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