100 Class Dry Heat Sterilizer Back
The machines in this range are used for the sterilization and depyrogenation of heat-resistant materials such as vials, phials, metal containers, metal trays and machine parts.
Technical characteristics:
·Our special vacuum seal technology, avoid any possible contamination to the treated products
·The doors of the chamber with special double sealed lip silicone rings, it gives a good seal during cycle which prevents any possible contamination
·Vacuum seal for HEPA filters, no seal gasket, so prevents any particles arising from itself and ensures clean condition in the chamber
·A deressure is generated between the shaft of main filter to remove any risk of contamination
·Air inside the chamber and exhausted from the chamber are filtered by HEPA filters, efficiency up to 99.99%
·niform temperature distribution ≦±5℃
·Automatic door driven by pneumatic device
·Pressure and temperature inside chamber automatically controlled
·Dust particles validation test in place, test ports for HEPA DOP
Construction characteristics:
·Double insulated construction in the bottom of the chamber
·Chamber, double doors, Laminar flow panel is made by AISI316L
·Chamber is welded by TIC, inner chamber is polished with roughness ≦0.5u
·Special isolator technology ensures external surface temperature ≦room temperature +15℃

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