Refractometer Back
The concentration and the content of the related active ingredient are analyzed by detecting the refractive index of a liquid drug and it is used for process monitoring.

Performance advantages:
1. High accuracy and repeatability

The instrument can still meet the following criteria during long-term and continuous operations within the full range and under process temperature variations.
Accuracy: protein concentration + / -0.05% b.w.
Repeatability: protein concentration + / -0.025% b.w

2.Capable of full range 0-100% b.w. measurements
Any sensor can be used for the full range 0-100% b.w. measurements.

3,High precision digital signal processing technology, the measurement results are not affected by bubbles, particulate matters, or color interferences.
4, The optical core design with world patent, anti-vibration, without zero drift in the whole life, no need for recalibration, no need for mechanical adjustments.
It is the fundamental guarantee for the long-term stability and reliability of the instrument. In addition, our solidified optical core handling technique facilitates the instrument technical services greatly. The instrument does not need to be returned back to Finland for repair. Our Shanghai Branch is capable of handling such issues with a high quality.

Patent No.: US. No. 6067151

5, Real-time digital temperature compensation, unique optical system, intelligent optical image diagnosis system that helps you to master the instrument working status at any time, LED large screen display, customized display style, clear and intuitive menu operation, the remote connection to Ethernet, the establishment of multi-step chemical curve relationships and site calibration in dynamic curve, and customized calibration method of international standard. The sensor testing surface is designed to be smooth and can be washed out by fluid automatically so as to reduce fluid adhesion maximumly. The instrument is installed with 3A-Clamp or flange of international standard, which is easy to assemble and disassemble. It has characteristic advantages such as maintenance-free, no consumption of spare parts during the entire life, lifelong user archival management, rapid and thorough local services with global supports and product quality assurance.

Application Assessment:
•Measured liquids Must be dissolved
•Measurement range and accuracy 0-100%, accuracy + / - 0.1%, repeatability + / - 0.05%
•Temperature tolerance Upto 130 ° C, 150 ° C, or 170 ° C (depending on the sensor type)
•Pressure tolerance Maximum 15 bar by clamp connection, maximum 25 bar by flange connection
•Sensor mounting Flanges, clamps, Saunders diaphragm or threaded connection
• Wetted parts material AISI 316L, special alloys or Teflon / Kynar
•Prism seal Teflon/EPDM
•Diameter and velocity smaller diameter = higher flow rates
Environment temperature up to 45 °C
• Hygiene Certificate (optional) 3A and EHEDG
•Anti-explosion requirements (optional) Security zone, or hazardous areas IIC ia T4 (0 and Zone 1)
Or Eex nA II T4 (Zone 2)
•Prism cleaning (optional) In case of material adhesion or low flow rate or a risk of adhesion

Typical biopharmaceutical applications:
Pharmaceutical chemicals, APIs, antibiotics, blood products, protein, synthetic drugs, vitamins, vaccines and immune sera

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