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Comply with ISO21501 and GMP standard, and 21CFR Part11. Data can be downloading easily; Analysis and report functions meet the regulation standard; it possesses two unique patent technologies and super corrosion resistance function. MET ONE Company can provide quality assurance for pharmaceutical industry users by means of their advanced technology and rich experience, and also provide strong support to obtain GMP, FDA or EP certificate.

Patent technology and product advantages:

1. Long-life laser diode
The Long-life laser diode passes a third party professional certification. It has the record of 10 years trouble-free operation, which reduced the cost of ownership.

2. Super anti-VHP capacity

Proved by Hach laboratory professional testing, internal of METONE laser head is gold-plated, so it has superior resistance function to VHP (fumigation of hydrogen peroxide), and the airflow tube and optical systems are also designed anti-VHP function; The stability of the product is improved, and the service life of the sensor is extended.

3. Patent technology of pump

The ROOTS pump technology with METONE patent has a high vacuum degree.  This makes the laser head of particle counter has a minimum air inlet port which ensures the complete intersection of the airflow and laser beam. Thus the visual volume can be improved maximumly, and the accuracy of the particle counter is improved accordinglyMore advantage

1. Flexible communication mode

Wireless communications, Ethernet communication and serial communication options are available. It can be integrated with any environmental monitoring software easily.

2. More convenient testing wizard of regulation compliance

The test wizard and all necessary documents will contribute to ISO, FDA and EU standard compliance. The time and labor force for planning, sampling and original counting data processing can be saved.

3. Seamless connection with data management software
OPC server is supporting open communication configuration, thus may reduce the integrated cost with common industrial data management software.

4. Visualized user interface

Simple area, location, and operation parameters configuration and duplication, can save the time the operators spent on the counter setting and operating.

5. Multiple user login in

The password protection allows multiple users of different levels to access the instrument. The data security meets the regulation requirement of 21 CFR Part 11.

6. ISO 21501-4 regulation
The product design is in full compliance with ISO 21501-4 calibration regulations, which can make sure the accuracy and reproducibility when transfer one working unit to another working unit.

7.   Multiple sampling systems support
The MET ONE 2432 Multiple sampling system can provide quasi-continuous monitoring with low-cost.

8.  Hot-pluggable batteries
Avoid the power failure due to battery charge exchange and make the operation continuous.

9.  Optional channel
The simple 8-channel option is easy for filter testing.
10.Our service
Field service, calibration support and service contracts can make your instrument complied with regulatory requirements.

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