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The outcome of relevant biological and drug researches need to be determined or evaluated by observing the changes of cell volume or cell count.  The cell volume will change correspondingly due to the change of the environment to adapt to environmental change and realize new balance. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the changes of cell volume or cell count with the change of conditions or time to learn about its law of change.

Multisizer series cell volume/particle size analyzer is the most powerful particle size analyzer at present. It is based on Coulter principle (i.e. resistance method, electric impulse method, and electric inductance technology) for individual cell measurement and three-dimensional measurement; it can not only accurately measure the particle size distribution but also measure the absolute cell count and concentration. The measured particle size is fairly near the truth; while the analyzers based on laser diffraction and scattering principle are easily influenced by the color and concentration. Multisizer series cell volume/particle size analyzer uses DPP digital pulse processing technology, so it can perform real-time dynamic measurement of particle size according to the analysis results of pulse height. It has the following analytical functions in the measuring range of 0.4μm to 1200μm: cell particles count, cell volume, particles concentration, and particle size distribution.

Multisizer series Coulter cell volume /particle size analyzers are the most authoritative apparatus for analyzing cell volume and cell count; the application literatures are countless. According to foreign users’ statistical data, Multisizer 3 series have become indispensable research tools in cell laboratory.
Characteristics of Multisizer series cell volume/particle size analyzer:
- Multisizer series cell volume/particle size analyzers have the most powerful features at present.
- The following information can be provided through one-time analysis: cell quantity, concentration, volume, surface area, distribution, etc.
- To real-time trace the variation of average cell volume.
- The measuring results have high level accuracy and reproducibility.
- Fully automatic operation and rich analytical functions.
- DPP digital pulse processor by use of proprietary leading technology for monitoring the status of the samples during the operation. It can have the re-analyzing function without samples.
- Resolution: 4 to 400 channels can be chosen for each time; and local re-analyzing can be made for infinite times, until the signal from a single cell is analyzed.
- The original pulse signal can be provided to analyze the original information of the samples during the operation.
- Fully-enclosed inductive leakage proof system is used to provide high-level biological safety.
- Mercury-free volumetric system, environment friendly and accurate.
- Grease-free quick orifice tube connection system is used to facilitate the assembling and disassembling of the orifice tube.
- It has the functions of automatic blockage clearing and automatic alarm. The analytical process is smoother.
Technical parameters of Multisizer series cell volume/particle size analyzer:
- Analytical range:
Cell diameter: 0.4 µm to 1600µm.
Cell volume: 0.4 µm to 1600µm, volume: 0.033 fL to 2.145 x 109 fL or μm3
- Analytical function: cell count and particle size distribution in respect of cell concentration, volume, and diameter.
- Size of small orifice tube: nominal size of 20µm to 2000µm.
- Dynamic range of small orifice tube: 1:40 in respect of the diameter; 1:64,000 in respect of the volume.
- Resolution: max. 400 analytical channels; the user can select between 4 to 400 analytical channels.
- High definition: DPP technology is used for analyzing the pulse signal from each single particle; the resolution accuracy is 0.001μm.
- Pulse data: up to 525,000 times for each particle.
- Quantity of the channels: the digitalized pulse data can be treated up to 400 channels within the selected range; the quantity of channels and the range can be generated according to the requirements.
- Output report: cell volume distribution, cell count and distribution, surface area distribution, differential distribution, cumulative distribution (more or less).
- Statistical data: average value, medium value, peak value, quantity/mL, etc.
- Linearity: diameter:±1%;volume: ±3%
- Orifice current range: 30 μA– 6000 μA, step of 0.2 μA
- Accuracy of electric current through the orifice: ±0.4% of the set value.
- Polarity error: less than 0.5%
- Repeatability error: <1%
- Time mode: 0.1s to 999s
- Total counting mode: 50 times to 500,000 times
- Counting mode of single channel: 10 times to 100,000 times
- Volume mode: 50 µl to 2000 µl continuously selectable.
- Accuracy of volumetric pump: better than 99.5%

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