Beckman Coulter DelsaMax potential /nano particle analyzer Back
ITEM Parameter
Measurement time: 1s~
Measuring range: 0.4nm-10000nm
Dispersion method: Wet dispersion
Reprocibility: <1%
Type of instrument: Static light scattering

Beckman Coulter has released the newest generation high efficiency nano particle analyzer and ZETA potential analyzer. At PITTCON Expo in Philadelphia conference center, the world’s largest annual conference and exposition for Scientific Instruments, Beckman Coulter released one multi-channel high efficiency nano particle and Zeta potential analyzer – DelsaMax series products. It now involves two models: DelsaMax Pro and DelsaMax Core. This series of products adopt the most sophisticated parallel measuring technology; nano particle size measuring and Zeta potential analysis can be realized at the same time through sample loading for a single time; furthermore, it only takes one second for the measuring! The newest DelasaMax series are highly praised as “Smallest amount of samples, most speedy analysis, and most ultimate results achieved." This will be another epoch making contribution!

DELSAMAX PRO Nano particle and Zeta potential analyzer
Particle size range: 0.4nm-10000nm, hydrodynamic diameter (subject to particles settlement)

Molar mass: max. 5×107g/mol (Da) (depending on molecular shape model)
Temperature: 4℃ to 70℃
Min. sample quantity: 45ul
Shortest measuring time: one second
Zeta potential measuring
Min. quantity of samples: 170ul, excluding tube volume
Ion strength range: 0-50ms/cm (four times the conductivity of normal saline)
Measuring range of electrophoresis mobility: no actual restriction.
Particle size range by electrophoresis method: 2nm to 15um
Sensibility by electrophoresis method: 1mg/mL lysozyme
Shortest measuring time: one second

DELSAMAX CORE Nano particle size analyzer
Particle size analysis
dynamic light scattering range: 0.4nm to 10000nm
Range of molecular weight by static scattering: 300 to 106Da (depending on sample concentration)
Sensitivity of protein measuring: 0.1mg/mL lysozyme
Angle of scattering: 90 degree
Min. sample quantity: 1.25 ul
Correlator: 512 channel
Data acquisition time: 1 to 3600 second
Shortest measuring time: one second
Temperature range: -15℃ to 150℃ (quartz bottle)/-15℃ to 80℃ (disposable bottle)

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