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BioVigilant System's Instantaneous Microbial Detection Instrument which used for rapid and realtime microbial detection can perform continuous monitoring on environmental air,  and detect the presence of microorganism in real time. IMD-A uses a proprietary optical technology to identify that the particle in air is inert or bioactive by means of fluorescence reaction. It can detect the size and number of the particles in air in real time.

IMD-A real-time instantaneous microbial detection instrument can detect the content of airborne microorganisms , and continuously monitor the air quality of cleanroom. Users can obtain and save the long-term air quality data through the sophisticated PharmaMaster software, which can be used as the basis for quality control and trend analysis. This product is ideal for the sterile production process of environment monitoring which have strict requirements on time, costs and cleanliness.

IMD-A instantaneous microbial detection instrument can be used in pharmaceutical manufacturing clean rooms, and its roles are: (1) a warning device, (2) continuous monitoring and trends device, (3) to verify the success of the remedial measures.

  • Real-time operation, no need for sample preparation, real-time result
  • Measures particle size and biologic status in the environment simultaneously
  • Continuous monitoring, or by specified sample Volume
  • Visual status indicator
  • Built-in system self test
  • USPcompliant
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Sanitary flange for easy removal and re-installation
  • Flexible communications interface for networking

IMD-A series use the PharmaMaster software which has the following features:

- Real-time reading interface that can provide different functions depending on the needs of users and permissions
- User-defined alarm limits
- Particle size and number can be displayed directly
- The number of inert particles and microorganisms can be displayed simultaneously.
- Six-channel sorting
- Two operating modes are available, providing both continuous detection mode and a spot sampling check mode
Service and Support

- Template System Certification: DQ / IQ / OQ documentation are available
- On-site support service: BioVigilant professionally trained technicians can provide simple maintenance, installation and validation services.
- Our experts can assist with the following:
Preventive Maintenance
Equipment installation
Test plan development
Data Analysis
Operator training

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