Track & Trace Back

Serialization modules, aggregation systems and a flexible software suite. The very complete system compliant to all legislations on serialization, aggregation and e-pedigree.

National Regulators have pursued the need for stringent drug tracking regulations in an effort to combat this risk of counterfeit, illegally imported or stolen drugs and to fight reimbursement system frauds. A complete Track & Trace process, made of serialization and aggregation, represents the best possible control as it could tell the whole history of a given product, from the manufacturer to the point of dispensing, giving the greatest transparency to all the supply chain.

Antares Vision great field experience of turnkey solutions developped the Antares Tracking System, a very complete hardware and software suite to respond to the current and upcoming regulations on traceability and e-pedigree.

The ATS Antares Tracking System is able to fulfill Track and Trace outstanding and future regulation for pharma market managing all the packing line traceability up to the notifications to the Ministry of Health.

As far as the evolving scenario of regulations in the direction of Track&Trace requires today's packaging operations to be scalable, flexible, and modular, in order to guarantee investments in time and therefore minimize TCO, the ATS is designed to assure the utmost flexibility, future expandability and complying with evolving requirements from State Authorities (Turkey, France, Brazil, Korea, China, Italy).

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