Corporate Profile

AUSTAR Lifesciences Limited (the “Company”), together with its subsidiaries (collectively as the "Group") are a leading provider of integrated engineering solutions with high-end and comprehensive services and products to reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers and research institutes in the PRC and also a provider of the services and products to customers in emerging countries. On 7 November 2014 , the Company (Stock code: 6118) was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

The Group was founded in 1991 with its headquarter based at Beijing, PRC. We offer high-end integrated engineering solutions for our customers to set up production facilities and also build up a clean environment which are both critical for pharmaceutical production. Our solutions cover Liquid and Bioprocess System, Clean Room and Automation Control and Monitoring System, Powder and Solid System, GMP Compliance Service, Life Science Consumables Distribution and Agency of Pharmaceutical Equipment to assist our customers in key phases of pharmaceutical product lifecycle from research, development, pilot plant, commercial production to product launch. We, together with our joint ventures, also engage in the manufacture, sale and distribution of various types of high-end pharmaceutical equipment and life science consumables. With our Chairman's mission in promoting industry advancement against the background of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry in the PRC, we have established long term business relationships with key customers by offering our diversified product portfolio and service offering. We pride ourselves in having obtained recognized accreditations and reputable ranking in the pharmaceutical equipment, process system and service market within our history of operation.

Through our joint venture arrangements with our joint venture partners, which are well established companies in the life science industry, we were able to leverage on the different pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment developed and/or manufactured by our joint venture partner and our joint venture company and the life science consumables developed and/or manufactured by our joint venture partner and joint venture company respectively, by integrating such products into our integrated engineering solutions and offering a variety of quality products in our product portfolio to our customers on a complementary basis with our joint venture partners.