The CPhI & P-MEC China 2019 Finished with a Successful Ending

The 19th CPhI & P-MEC China was successfully completed in Shanghai New International EXPO Centre on June, 18-20th, 2019. The exhibition is not only a platform for pharmaceutical engineering and machinery industry to exhibit products, but also a grand meeting for pharmaceutical experts to communicate and draw a new development blueprint as the exhibition is a grand gathering of pharmaceutical engineering and machinery industry in China and other Asian-Pacific Region. Except series of productions, excellent meeting is the other light spot. While the 2019 P-MEC China Summit, Xu Hefeng , Damon Ke , Zach Yang and many other professional lecturers of AUSTAR Group, gave varies of wonderful speeches about technology transformation, data integrity, freeze-drying process ,etc..

As the provider of integrated engineering solutions with high-end and comprehensive services and products, AUSTAR took part in this exhibition with series all-star products and integrated and custom-made solutions, such as high-grade pilot-scale containment wet granulating system, purified water preparation system, solid preparation solution, ROTA-AUSTAR integrated lines for VIALS, intellectual HVAC technology cleanroom consumable system, etc..

About the high-grade pilot-scale containment wet granulating system, the products meet the production of highly toxic and active drugs. With the perspective of EHS, prevent cross contamination and improve the quality of products, AUSTAR can provide 10 bar tightness-level wet granulating production line from the beginning of concept design, combined with containment technology. Our products and service for domestic and oversea customers not only meet the requirements of present FDA, European and the US regulation as well ae cGMP, but also more effective and safer.

The purified water preparation system with unique design of internal circulation to ensure the water dispenser running 24 hours without stopping. The system prepare purified water with standard configuration of multi-medium filter, activated carbon filter, series softener, primary RO+EDI or secondary RO+EDI process. The whole machine, with a modular design, compact structure, high degree of automation, data traceability, high quality of purified water preparation, was simply installed and operated. Providing customers with a reasonable process design according to different raw water quality, to ensure the long-term stable production of the purified water in accordance with pharmacopoeia standards.

In collaboration with M&O Perry of the United States and ROTA of Germany, AUSTAR provides customers with customized aseptic powder filling solutions. M&O Perry, the inventor of flow separation technology, invented the ACCOFIL® powder flow separation technology, which has been widely used in the world. The integrated solution including M&O Perry powder filling machine and ROTA high-performance bottle washer, tunnel oven and lid rolling machine.

The ROTA filling line equipment provides customers with the integrated solution of freeze-drying technology. With the combination of AUSTAR isolation technology (eg. RABs, isolator), automatic feed in and out system of freeze-drying machine, a comprehensive verification project plan, the solution meets the strict requirements of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, that system design conforms to cGMP and FDA specifications.

The intellectual HVAC technology cleanroom consumable system provide customized HVAC solutions for series of workshops, such as chemical preparation engineering, biological products engineering, medical equipment engineering, experimental animal engineering, health products, cosmeceutical engineering, etc.. The HVAC system, with the design of clean room monitoring & air conditioning system based on ISO14644, PDA TR13, in line with the regulations of China, the European Union, the United States and other countries. The solutions are in compliance with computerized system validation and verification documents, ISPE commissioning and validation documents, and electronic records and signatures required by CFR Title21 Part11 ERES.

AUSTAR received more than six hundreds of customers in this exhibition. We sincerely show thanks to each customer.

AUSTAR is a global leading provider of integrated engineering solutions in pharmaceutical industry. Our solutions cover Liquid and Bioprocess System, Clean Room and Automation Control and Monitoring System, Powder and Solid System, Drug Product Life Cycle Compliance Consultancy Service, Life Science Consumables Distribution and Agency of Pharmaceutical Equipment to provide professional, diversified and one-stop solutions for pharmaceutical companies.